double lift arms

Cobra News

All gliders with big wing tips are creating a problem for the trailer.
The gas springs inside the liftarms do need the maximum force to open the top of the trailer with the wingtips inside.
But then you have quite a trouble to close the empty top after rigging.
So COBRA now offers a new design: double lift arms.
With the top empty one pair is working as usual, with just a click of your finger you activate a second pair before loading the wing tips.
A comfort you wouldn’t want to miss anymore (option No 338)

Price on request

Useful by:
ASW 17, ASW 28/18, ASG 29, ASH 31,
EB 28,
DG 500/22 m,
Discus 2 / 18 m,
Nimbus 2,
Ventus 2C (T, M, a, Version X),